Memoriae: Critter Quest

All was well in Willowbrook, and the town was brimming with excitement for the upcoming Fall Festival!  Everywhere, townsfolk went about their business, with their critters joyfully tagging along.  Suddenly the clouds turned black and bright red lightning filled the sky!  The ominous sound of cackling witches filled the air.  To your shock, all of the critters were gone, taken to Emberwood!  Do you have what it takes to rescue those critters?

Memoriae: Critter Quest is an exciting card-matching game with a unique twist!  With a witch controlling each game, cards don’t always sit still!  Win matches, rescue and treat magical critters, save the town!      


Gather your wits and head into Emberwood to rescue the town’s critters!

In Story Mode, match cards by selecting a card and then trying to find its match.  Complete a level to rescue a critter and gain information about the next map location within Emberwood.  You’ll find all of your rescued critters in the Restorium, where you’ll need to treat and feed them.

In Quick Match, play a selection of levels ordered by difficulty to earn potions and food which are used to treat and feed your rescued critters.  Many critters remain under the witches’ spell until they can be treated.  Treat your critters and then name each one to match their personality!

Complete all 28 levels and restore all critters to beat the game!

In Multiplayer, choose between two different game modes to play against your friends!  In speed mode the first player to get all matches on their side of the table wins.  In turn mode take turns on the same level to find all matches.  The player with the most matches wins.