About this game

We don't know why the blocks started falling from the sky, or what is causing it. What we do know is that we need to stop it before our whole world is destroyed. We need a hero, are you that hero?

Game Mechanics

  • Catch enough blocks to unlock the next level before the floor is totally destroyed!

  • Blocks will destabilize the ground when hit

  • Clocks add more precious time

  • Bombs completely destroy whatever they hit

  • Lasers, well, are lasers!


  • Each boss is different, with different ways to be defeated

Player Customization

  • Each player can choose between 32 selectable skins

Multiplayer Block Battles

  • Go head to head with a friend using a shared keyboard or controllers

  • The player with the most blocks wins

  • The player with the most wins gets additional bragging rights